REMEDi4ALL: The European Platform for Medicines Repurposing
Budget: €23M (Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action Funding Programme)
Duration: 2022-2027
Participants: 24 partners
Coordinator: EATRIS

REMEDi4ALL is set to revolutionise the repurposing landscape in Europe by developing a harmonised, accessible and patient centric platform. This will provide the expertise, tools and resources required in every stage of this complex process.

The project will also generate a more favourable policy environment for drug repurposing by bringing together key stakeholders in a forum of debate to identify current barriers and explore creative solutions and incentives.

All in all, REMEDi4ALL aims to ensure that more (and better) repurposed medicines are available to patients and contribute to more sustainable health systems.

Teamit has been heavily involved since the proposal conception and contributes with expertise in

  • Project Management
  • Consortium Governance 
  • Communications and Disseminaton
  • Sustainability and Business Development
  • Training