WIDEnzymes: Widening Synergies for Novel Enzymes Development
Budget: € 1,199,475 (HORIZON WIDERA 2023 ACCESS 04)
Duration: 2024-2027
Participants: 5 partners
Coordinator: Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Website: https://widenzymes.eu/

TEAMIT participates in WIDEnzymes, which aims to create a competitive, cross-border enzyme technology ecosystem that boosts European science, industry, education and leadership while reducing disparities in widening countries like Latvia, Slovakia and Greece.

To achieve the project’s vision, WIDEnzymes will undertake 3 primary steps:

1. Establish a cohesive, strategic, and sustainable system to align and fully exploit high-priority EU’s Research and Innovation (R&I) and cohesion policy (e.g., ERDF) programmes, thus maximising excellence, efforts, and investments in widening countries (e.g., Latvia, Slovakia, and Greece) for the biotechnology-related R&I domain.

2. Strengthening widening countries’ competitiveness and talent retention by fostering a more robust, inclusive, integrated biotechnology ecosystem that synergically exploits and gives visibility to those countries’ science, actors, and infrastructures while boosting European leadership in the key enzyme technology market.

3. Creating a platform that ensures crucial cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer in synthetic biology while promptly addressing related regulatory, economic, and industrial hurdles, thus, pragmatically accelerating the transfer of cutting-edge research findings into practical applications.